This year Wells Action For FairTrade, after a lot of thought, decided to hold a Wine Tasting Evening. We all went away from our meeting with the things we needed to do such as find a hall we could book, deciding what wine we should order. (Fairtrade of course). See if we could borrow some glasses, advertising our evening and lots of other jobs. This was quite an event for our small group of volunteers seeing as some of us had never been to a wine tasting before.
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We were extremely fortunate as the Central England Co-operative were very generous with their sponsorship as was Mrs Temple with her lovely cheese. WE were able to borrow wine glass from Wells Carnival and hire the W.I. HALL.
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We ordered all the wine from our local Coop. Even though I knew they sold Fairtrade wine I was pleasantly surprised at the range available. Members of our group provided us with delicious refreshments for the evening as you will see from some of our photographs. We also had the benefit of two of the Central Coop staff, one who was able to act as Licensee for the evening.
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The turnout was good despite some awful weather but everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and we received some lovely compliments from those that came along. This was not a fundraising event but an opportunity to promote Fairtrade so as to make life fairer for those living and working in the developing world.
Our Fairtrade group all agreed that the night was a great success.